White label keyword research

“Wow! I seemed to have no idea that such a service offered. When clients first learn about my white label keyword research services, many copywriters tell me this.

If you are prepared and do your homework, working with an SEO specialist may be a terrific experience. I’ve produced this article as a guide on what to anticipate when you outsource your keyword research to me in order to make it simpler for you.

White label keyword research: How does it all work?

What I require from you in order to create a quote
What should you do initially when you have a potential writing project that calls for keyword research? Before I can give you a quote for keyword research, I need some information from you.

I provide you a Keyword Research Planning Brief with inquiries regarding the website of your client. I make use of this data when creating your quote. In the short, there are many inquiries, such as:

Is the website live? What is the URL?

A sitemap, do you have one? also a content strategy? This will help me estimate the number of pages that need keyword research as well as the quantity of material on each page.

What services does the client offer?

Does the client have a target region, town, city, state, or nation in mind?

-Who are the client’s main rivals?

My white label keyword research process

keyword research, analysis, and filtering
Starting with the data you provided in the brief, I create a seed keyword list. I start my research after I have a list utilizing programs like Keysearch and Serpstat. You won’t have to worry about paying for an expensive tool subscription if you outsource to me!

Some keyword research tasks are simple and just include finding and filtering terms, depending on the type of client, and don’t require any analysis.

In order to determine whether your customer has a strong possibility of eventually outranking their rivals on page 1 of Google, I must analyze more complex projects (such as clients in a competitive business or clients in a very narrow market).

I remove any unnecessary keywords so that I am only left with ones that are effective.

Creating your spreadsheet for keyword research
After conducting keyword research for all the necessary pages and posts, I download the results into an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet and associate each keyword query with the appropriate page or post. By doing this, you’ll be able to more easily optimize the content for your clients because you’ll know which keywords belong on which page.

To help you decide which keyword to focus on, I choose one recommended primary keyword for each page or post. You can choose from the secondary keywords that are left based on the material you’re writing.

Once complete, the spreadsheet displays a list of keywords for each post or page along with the typical monthly search traffic and a competitiveness rating. Additionally, I draw attention to the core keyword for each page.

After that, you may use these keywords to improve the copy and content for your customer. I demonstrate how to achieve this in the blog post with on-page SEO advice found here.

Explaining my reasons for choosing keywords

I write a brief report outlining my reasoning for selecting each of the main keywords to make your life easier, especially if your clients have queries. This helps you understand my approach and can be useful when deciding which secondary keywords to employ.

To get their client’s feedback on the process, some of my clients have shown their client the report. Because they want to be sure the keywords complement their company’s branding, some clients choose to have the last say in the selection of keywords.

Ongoing keyword research for client blogs

I can assist you with the keyword research if you’re writing blog posts for clients.

There are two options: either you give me the blog topic suggestions you’ve already agreed upon with your client, or I conduct the necessary keyword research for these blogs. You might also send me some rough ideas for blog posts, and I’ll do some keyword analysis to see if they have any chance of succeeding.

Cost of white label keyword research and how to charge your client for this

I strongly advise you to include the cost of my white label keyword research services in any quote you provide potential customers. I provide a range of prices that begin at $4 per page and go all the way to $8. The home page and up to three service pages are often included; alternatively, a blog post can be added to any of those four pages.

Get in touch with me if the job is larger so I can provide you with an estimate as soon as possible so you can include it in your own quote.

Some copywriters take pleasure in giving their clients the option of including keyword research. Other copywriters won’t itemize my services if they believe that SEO is a crucial step in the content generation process for that client. What you choose to do is entirely up to you and your particular customer.

You’re ready to use my service- what next?

Contact me and I’ll provide you the keyword research brief and create a price for you if you’re ready to outsource keyword research for a new writing job.

Join my weekly SEO tips email list if you’d want to stay in touch with me even if you don’t currently have a project.

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